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✨ All About Me~


       I'm Lisa! This is my blog, and here is a bunch of stuff about me! 😊

🌸 - I'm 14, and I'm currently in 9th grade!

🌸 - my b-day is may 22!

🌸 - My close family consists of my younger sister and my dad. My younger sister is a goofball named Emily, and my dad is a tech nerd. He also has his own site, and is the reason mine exists (thank you dad) 😄

🌸 - I'm definitely an introvert, I enjoy talking to people but I'm nervous when starting conversations or meeting new people, I have a hard time making eye contact, and I enjoy some alone time once in while

🌸 - I'm super awkward 😅 

🌸 - I'm a bit of a softie, I always try my best to be sweet and kind.

🌸 - my friends make me super happy! just seeing them makes me smile! 

🌸 - I love dogs. Seriously, I have a major soft spot for doggos and I'm easily distracted by puppies.

🌸 - I am a major gamer. I usually play on my PC, and I mainly play video games with my dad and younger sister. Some of my favorite titles are Warframe and PSO2!

🌸 - my favorite genre would have to be sci-fi! fantasy can come in at 2nd.

🌸 - Despite video games though, I also love binge watching shows. I have too many favorites and some of them are Scissor Seven, Futurama, Star Trek: Lower Decks, Disenchantment, Dogs In Space, Space Dandy, Final Space, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and I could really go on but won't. I guess a common theme in the shows I watch either include sci-fi, humor, or quirky characters. 

🌸 - my favorite color is pink, I love all things cute and pink! I'm a major girly-girl.

🌸 - I do art! I mainly draw fan art and puppies hehe

🌸 - I also like to do crafty things! Despite art I sometimes sew!

🌸 - I love collecting things, and I am guilty of hording stuff lol.

🌸 - I still collect stuffed animals, I've always loved plushies since I was like 5. When I was younger it was mainly Beanie Boos, now it's Pound Puppies

🌸 - I'm a major nerd, I put lots of effort into school and always try to stay on top of my grades 🤓 my favorite school topics are art and English literature! I'm pretty good at math too!

🌸 - I like writing! I've always enjoyed creative writing, and my handwriting is really neat.

🌸 - I prefer sweet foods over savory ones, but I do like both. Some of my favorite foods are mac and cheese and brownies.

🌸 - I like cheese 🧀 my favorite of the cheeses might have to be Munster, mozzarella is good too.

🌸 - call me boring, but water is one of my favorite beverages - staying hydrated is good, oh and if I am feeling something less basic I'll take lemonade

🌸 - I'm a slight neat freak, I always try to keep my areas neat and tidy.

🌸 - I love to shop, if I'm not playing video games on a weekend I'll be out shopping (I absolutely love thrifting, mall shopping is great too though)

🌸 - I tend to worry a lot, and I over think things wayyy to often

🌸 - I don't have a pet dog despite my love for dogs 🙁 Maybe one day when I'm a big adult-ish person I'll get one

🌸 - I'm not a morning person, definitely a night owl. I stay up wayyy too late 😩 sometimes its cause of school, sometimes its cause I'm not tired and don't want to go to bed.

and that's a bunch of stuff about me~

lisaaaa so pretty.jpg

have a nice day!-