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LEGALLY BLONDE ๐“ฒ เฃชโ‚Šโ™ก๐“‚ƒ | what I thought about the movie!!

Legally Blonde (2001)


My thoughts on the movie: This movie was amazing!! I love how Elle realized her potential throughout the movie and how she grew!! I love how the overall message was that being girly โ‰  being dumb!


This scene was definitely most iconic. <3


I love how Elle and the nail tech (Paulette) became friends! their friendship was so cute!! <3


I love how Elle ended up rejecting him at the end of movie when he wanted her back, even though the plan was to go to Harvard so he would want her. I just love how she grew and realized how much she was capable of, and how wrong of him it was to dump her in the first place. I also love the fact that Vivan dumped him too and Elle and Vivan became friends. Warner was such a jerk; he so deserved his ending <3


Vivian bothered me SO much at first, I'm glad she redeemed herself <3


This scene was definitely one of my favorites, I love how she wore pink to the event, and used her fashion knowledge to solve the case! what a girlboss!!

(note: none of the images featured in this post are mine!!)